Guest rooms

Room Suite Colette

chambre 1
chambre 1chambre 1chambre 1chambre 1

Lovely 34m2 bedroom suite with a cosy, light-filled lounge that opens generously onto the park.

  • 34m2 bedroom
  • 160x200 bed
  • Wifi
Rate 150 €170 € July-August

And as Colette said, "The human face has always been my great landscape".

Marguerite or Simone rooms

chambre 2
chambre 2 chambre 2chambre 2chambre 2chambre 2chambre 2

The Marguerite room is very pleasant, soft and restful with its bathroom and bathtub..

The Simone room is very bright with its 2 large windows and its grey-blue whitewashed ceiling...

  • 17m2 bedrooms
  • 160x200 bed
  • Wifi
Rate 120 €140 € July - August

And as Marguerite said, "Happy are those who combine fraternity and kindness, honesty and sincerity in their lives...".

These 2 rooms are only rented together to family or friends.

  • Rental of the 2 rooms
Rate 210 €250 € July - August

And as Simone said, "I accept the great adventure of being me".

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